Why Choose Sink Strainers For Your Sink?

Posted by Admin on June, 29, 2021

The sink strainer is designed to keep solid material out of your plumbing pipes. In kitchen sinks, chunks of food, corrosive cleaning chemicals or other unpleasant materials could find their way into your pipes without a sink strainer. Bath sinks also need protection from the invasion of rubbish. This article focuses deeply on the benefits of sink strainers. Before we know the benefits of strainers let us know what are the types of sink strainers available in the market. This is one of the best kitchen sink accessories that is used by people all over.

Types Of Sink Strainers

Despite being a simple product, not all strainers are the same. The different variations each bring different things to the table, or rather, sink.

  • Stopper Strainer: This is a dual purpose strained that can prevent water from flowing and also serves as a filter to let only water flow through. It has a mechanical switch that changes the function accordingly.
  • Drain Strainer: A simple cup-shaped strain that can be easily placed on the drain to serve as a filter. This is the least complicated of all and requires no instalment.
  • Flange Strainer: This type of strainer uses a flange to connect to the bottom of the sink, thereby ensuring water doesn’t leak.
  • Back Nut Strainer: These are placed at the bottom of the sink, joining it to the plumbing system. A rubber seal is used to prevent water leakage while a back nut is used to hold all components together.
  • Double Cup Strainer: As the name denotes, it is made up of two cups. One sits securely in its position in the sink with the help of a nut, while the second one is easily removable and serves as a stopper.

Save On The Plumbing Expenses

Most people go about their daily routine without thinking about keeping their kitchen pipes clear of obstructions. However, food particles can easily turn into a major plumbing blockage. Hiring a plumber to clear built-up sludge from your pipes can be costly. Installing a sink strainer could save you a lot of money in plumbing bills.

A Variety Of Materials

Durability: It is one of the most important benefits of the traditional stainless steel sink strainer is durability. If you install one today, it will last almost indefinitely. Some modern kitchen sink strainers are made from plastic and silicone in addition to the traditional metal and have features that were unheard of, a few years ago. For instance, some strainers serve as plugs and stop the water from running out of your sink while you wash or rinse your dishes. The sink basket strainer can then be lifted out of the drain opening, allowing you to easily clear any trapped matter.

Colours and anti-bacterial chemicals: Some strainers designs have moved away from mere functionality and are available in colours such as silver, green, gold or white. Strainers that are made from plastic materials can also be permeated with antibacterial chemicals and a fragrance to keep your kitchen fresh and clean. In contrast to stainless steel sinks, ceramics and granite sink are often used by homeowners to add a little old world-class to their kitchen.

Material: If you want your sink strainer to blend with your ceramic or granite sink, some manufacturers can supply them on antique brass, antique copper, mahogany bronze, pewter and oil rubbed bronze finishes.

The Strainer And Spray System

Some of the manufactures in the market today produce sink strainers that are versatile and can be used in different types of sinks that are used in a different household. This is a combination of the strainer and swivel faucet sprayer for sink taps. The sprayer has a three hundred and sixty-degree swivel that gives you the freedom to spray kitchen debris from dishes into the sink strainer. The two parts of the system can be colour coordinated.

Bathroom Sink Strainers

Of course, the kitchen does not have a monopoly on sinks. Bathroom sinks also need to be protected from lumps of soap, hair and debris. Fortunately, some strainers are perfect for the same sinks in bathrooms that allow you to clear of clogging materials and allows a fast flow of water from the sink.

Sink strainers are of great benefit and importance for people. These are versatile and can be used for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Deal with the best manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen sink accessories and get products from them for your use. Choose the material, type and colour that you want and order online.

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