Kitchen Sink Fittings: An Important Part Of Every Kitchen

Posted by Admin on December, 28, 2021

The hygiene and cleanliness is dependent on the sinks that are used. It is the most often used section in a kitchen. Due to regular flow of water and food residues, it is essential to maintain cleanliness and check for any blockages in the outlets. There are various kitchen sink waste fittings to ensure there is no blocking of the wasteafter washing the utensils. In this article, the various fittings through which we can keep our kitchen sink away from blockages have been discussed.

PVC Sink Stopper

The sink stopper is a very potent fitting to avoid jamming of the passage by occasionally stopping the drainage of water through the sink hole. It comes with the option to fit and remove as per need. The make of sink stopper is polyvinyl chloride, hence it is easily washed and avoids rust as well as sticking of food particles on it.

Sink drain reducer

It is an additional fitting on the outlet of the kitchen sink. The prime purpose is to lessen the diameter of the outlet passage. This way the volume of the liquid during drainage can be reduced. By reducing the drainage volume, amount of waste materials can be checked to pass smoothly.

Sink strainer waste plug

This plug is used as a gauge to filter the liquid from the suspended particles. The openings on the plug help to release the waste liquid and preventing the other solid matter from blocking the outlet. It is a common fitting available in almost all household. During a kitchen sink fitting it isimportant to fix it.

Features of waste fittings

Material: The sink strainer is usually made of steel and non-corrosive alloys thereby helps in protecting it from rust and offers long life to it. The shiny surface of the sink strainer helps the waste particles slide smoothly thereby checking any dirt deposition.

Available in various sizes: The wastage sink fittings come in different shapes to match exactly the dimensions of the outlet. These fittings should be snug-tight to avoid leakage from the joints. Hence, it should be checked well in advance.

Suppliers: Many suppliers are spread across India to ensure it’s continued available in the Indian markets. Though many products are available in the market. Getting the best fittings as per the need of the kitchen is important. Else, it will cause unnecessary stress.

Benefits of using kitchen sink fittings :

Easy release of waste water: The foremost reason behind using kitchen fittings is it enables easy release of the waste water from the sink.

Keeping the kitchen clean and dry: The right fittings in the sinkchecksunnecessary leakages thereby keeping the kitchen clean and dry.

Maintaining hygiene: After the sink fittings are installed, it becomes quite easy to clean it frequently to maintain the necessary hygiene in kitchen.

Prevents blockages: The major problem of blockages can be waved good bye by using these kitchen fittings.

All in all, a sink fitting are essential part of kitchen, their role in removal of waste water is crucial. It contributes to the overall wellness of the kitchen and home. Get your kitchen braced up to prevent unnecessary blockages of sink.

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